How Do The Biggest Legal Cannabis Growing Facilities Look Like?

Cannabis is used for both medicinal and recreational purposes and the usage is increasing day after day. Previously shunned, it’s now being widely accepted in many parts of the world. Since it’s easy to grow it – really, it is – many people are now growing cannabis in their very home. It can be a little scary at first to try something you’ve never done, but at the end of the day, it’s just a plant with a few requirements, and you’ll be done before you even realize.

To grow cannabis, you’ll need some of the Best LED Grow Lights along with fertilizers, soil, seeds, and some space. While some even grow in their closets, others use grow tents that make it easy to set up lights and start growing. It’s not rocket science and you get all the supplies online if you don’t want to shop at your local grocery store.

For a cannabis grower using his closet or a small grow tent, it’s not difficult to start, but what about huge commercial setups? Have you ever wondered what a legal cannabis growing facility would look like? Well, so have I. From starting small operations, some companies have come a long way today, and since these companies have also contributed to supplying more marijuana to needy patients, they are nothing but our unsung heroes.

  • GW Pharmaceuticals

From being completely prohibited, cannabis is now accepted more and one can even invest in marijuana by buying stocks today. Take GW Pharmaceuticals for example. After their IPO in 2013, they have been growing steadily as one of the leaders in the cannabis industry. With Sativex – their marijuana-based pill that gained the FDA approval – GW is here to stay. They also take their business seriously, especially considering their plans to build a gargantuan facility that extends up to 1,930,000 square feet!

  • Privateer Holdings

Privateer Holdings is an investment company that deals with all things cannabis. This company was one of the first to attract a major investment funding in the cannabis industry. They recently associated themselves with the Founder’s Fund – a firm owned by Peter Thiel who also founded Paypal – to cement a huge deal that gathered $75 million in a fundraising!

Thiel’s Founder’s Fund owns a major stake in the company, but what makes Privateer Holdings special is that they also focus on other ways to make people aware of the benefits of cannabis. Leafly, a website that covers every topic of cannabis also operates under them, and their brand called Marley Natural named after the legendary musician Bob Marley sells cannabis-based products.

  • Native Roots

Native Roots is perhaps the biggest cannabis company with about 19 dispensaries selling weed! From edibles to wax to shatter and bubbles, they have it all. Rhett Jordan, Joshua Ginsberg and Peter Knobel own the company and since they have a huge production facility of their own, it makes it easier for them to make cannabis affordable to people.

Native Roots has worked incredibly hard this far even without funding from anyone. The company also allows customers to purchase products online without any hassles. You simply choose the product you like and medical cannabis is right there for your taking. Recreational users need not be disappointed because the firm specializes in providing both medical and recreational strains.


MiNDFUL owns dispensaries in both Illinois and Colorado. Ever since their received a funding of $3.94 million in 2016, the company has never looked back. With a production facility that extends up to 43,000 square feet, they grow more strains than you can imagine. Apart from buds, they also make edibles and concentrates too. Edibles are especially helpful to people who can’t smoke. This way, even patients with Asthma can consume cannabis without worrying about hurting their lungs.

Thanks to these companies, cannabis is more accessible today and just about anyone who’s over the age of 18 can enjoy the medicinal effects of cannabis.

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