Thanks for taking a look at the World Submitter! Our website is run by a small 3 person group. Let’s just say we’re exceptionally enthusiastic about “all things sleep.”


In reality, World Submitter was produced from disappointment. We asked our good friends about how they find info about sleep info and items. The majority of them kept stating they browse the web and read what appears in Google.


After hearing that, we chose to try it out for ourselves. We performed search after search and recognized there was a typical issue: The details wasn’t approximately our requirements.


You see, Kate, Mich and Mike (yes, we are the developers of the website) have actually known each other since college. We were big geeks at that time and would invest hours looking into everything about sleep. Our drive was to find out how people might attain a much better sleep that left them more alert and calm throughout the day.


It ends up there are A TON of elements that enter into to sleep. In some cases sleep quality isn’t really a one sizes fit all, implying the very same bed mattress that works for your next-door neighbor may not work for you. As human beings, all of us have distinct biological makeups that trigger us to respond in a different way.